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Grant Programs

In order to give your organization the best possible chance of being funded, it is important to understand our grant programs and to follow RESIST's grant application procedures.

General Support Grants

One-year Grants

Up to $4,000 for general support as a means of building infrastructure and capacity while engaged in on-going social justice activism.

For Current Grantees

Multi-year Grant Program

Grantees who have been funded by RESIST at least two times during the preceding five years may apply for a multi-year grant. Of the two prior grant awards, the most recent must have been for the full amount given out during that cycle (funded in 2010 or earlier: $3,000 or its equivalent; funded in 2011 or later: $4,000 or its equivalent). Multi-year grants will cover a three year period and are designed to provide general support to eligible grantee organizations. All multi-year applicants must: 1) submit answers to RESIST's Multi-Year Grant Questionnaire, and 2) be currently eligible to receive grant awards under RESIST's Funding Guidelines. Read more about Multi-Year Grants.

Technical Assistance

Up to $500 to enable current grantees to increase their internal organizational skills and capacity. Only grantees who have been funded at least two times during the preceding five years may apply for a Technical Assistance grant.

Special Grants

Emergency Grants

Up to $500 to help groups respond quickly to unexpected organizing needs. While it is impossible to precisely define an emergency, these grants are generally given to provide support for demonstrations or other events arising from a political crisis. These grants are not intended to provide a safety net for groups who have failed to adequately plan for their financial needs, or who have missed the regular funding deadline.

Accessibility Grants

Up to $4,000 to support projects that enable all people to participate in the movement for social justice. RESIST will fund the additional costs of projects or events which will make them accessible to people with disabilities. Application procedures are the same as for general support grants and decisions are based on the potential success of the underlying project. Organizations which receive an accessibility grant may also apply for a general support grant.

Memorial and Tribute Grants

RESIST awards several Tribute and Memorial Grants each year. Named for organizers and social change workers, these awards keep the spirits of their namesakes alive and encourage us all to carry on their work for a more just world. Read more about these grants.

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